Member Events

PROGRAMS 2014-2015
Business meetings begin at 9:15 A.M.

   Programs begin at 10:00 A.M.

September 16, Tuesday
Gary Ruppert – Improvising and Playing from Lead Sheets
Bonnie Esbensen Residence

October 21, Tuesday
Jakki Moses – Inspiring Today’s Child, Grades 1-5
Mary Jacq Burck Residence

November 18, Tuesday
Cindy Peterson-Peart––iPad apps for Sight, Note, andRhythm Reading; MTNA Membership & Certification
Mary Ann Guenther’s Residence

January 20, Tuesday
Clair Wachter— The Virtual Piano Pedagogue
Mary Swanson Residence

February 17, Tuesday
Paul Safar – Inspiring and Nurturing Young Composers
Stella Meinzer’s Residence

March 17, Tuesday
Rachelle McCabe – Preparing Students for Performance
Shirley Byrne Residence

April 21, Tuesday
Kimberly Gifford – Freeing up Expression in Students;
Developing Stage Presence

Mary Ann Guenther Residence

May 19 Tuesday
Crystal Cheney – Games and Apps for the Modern Studio
Stella Meinzer Residence