Teacher Events

PROGRAMS and EVENTS 2015-2016
Business meetings begin at 9:15 A.M.

   Programs begin at 10:00 A.M.

September 22, Tuesday
Mary Kogen- Teaching with Joy, Curiosity and Affirmation
Mary Ann Guenther Residence

October 13, Tuesday
Rebecca Jeffers & Angela Carlson – Duets by German Composers
Bonnie Esbensen Residence

November 17, Tuesday
Joseph Hoffman– Training the Ear and the Eye from the Start
Shirley Byrne Residence

January 19, Tuesday
Deborah Cleaver– Where to Look When
Mary Swanson Residence

February 16, Tuesday
Dijana Ihan – Practicing for Enduring Understanding
Mary Ann Guenther Residence

March 12, Saturday, 1:30pm
Dr. Alejandro Cremaschi – Master Class: Spanish and Latin American Composers
Benton Hall, Room 303, OSU

MTNA National Conference
April 2-6
Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, Texas

April 19, Tuesday
Dr. Bonnie Esbensen – Effective Practicing: Ideas from Psychology and Sports
Mary Jacq Burck Residence

May 17, Tuesday
Dr. Julia A. Goodwin – Teaching Techniques of the Russian School
Joan Gathercoal Residence

OMTA State Conference
June 17-19
Lewis and Clark College
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, Portland